FSAE Electrical System Design

An overview of University of Toronto’s 2017 FSAE electrical system.


FSAE Braking System Design

An overview of University of Toronto’s 2017 FSAE braking system.


Bicycle Modeling

Modeling a vintage 80′s Supercycle bicycle using Solidworks software.



Conceptualizing a feasibly manufacturable design solution, and creating an accurate CAD model rendition to ensure proper dimensioning & tolerancing.


Using the developed CAD model to simulate known operating / loading conditions via CFD or FEA software.


Manufacturing a functional prototype to allow the conceptualized design to be either electronically or mechanically tested in a controlled environment.

I am a recently graduated mechanical engineering student from the University of Toronto, with a drive to aid the development of technology that will move the world towards a sustainable future. As the world is currently in a delicate state, I firmly support the belief that the best way to coexist, with not only other people but with the world itself, is to begin our transition to self-sustaining technology. Such technology should also continue to provide future generations with a stable environment – one that we have been so fortunate to grow up with…

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