About Nathan

Nathan Goodfellow graduated with honors from East York Collegiate Institute in 2011. The subsequent fall, he came to the University of Toronto on a track and field scholarship, in pursuit of an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. Nathan has lived in Toronto for the majority of his life, and still considers the city his home today, post-graduation. He has a high level of ambition towards every activity & task he undertakes, which brings on an equal level of dedication and responsibility. These traits have allowed him to succeed and thrive in his many areas of interest.


Nathan graduated from the University of Toronto in May 2017, obtaining his B.A.Sc in Mechanical Engineering with a double minor in both Engineering Business and Mechatronics.

During the first two years of his studies, Nathan competed for the university’s track and field team before transitioning to become one of the lead vehicle design engineers for the university’s Formula SAE racing team. He also opted to take part in the university’s PEY (Professional Experience Year) program, where he spent 14 months interning as part of the engineering team for one of the world’s premier welding companies -Lincoln Electric.

Nathan is trained in computer software packages such as:

He is also familiar with programming in the following formats:

  • C
  • C#
  • HTML
  • CSS

To the right is a full list of courses that Nathan completed during his undergraduate degree.

Fourth Year Courses
  • AER525 (Robotics)
  • APS446 (Leadership in Project Management)
  • JRE410 (Markets & Competitive Strategy)
  • JRE420 (People Management & Organizational Behaviour)
  • MIE402 (Vibrations)
  • MIE404 (Control Systems)
  • MIE438 (Microprocessors & Embedded Microcontrollers)
  • MIE442 (Machine Design)
  • MIE491 (Capstone)
  • MIE540 (Product Design)
Third Year Courses
  • APS321 (Science & Technology in the Media)
  • JRE300 (Fundamentals of Accounting & Finance)
  • MIE301 (Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines)
  • MIE312 (Fluid Mechanics I)
  • MIE315 (Design for the Environment)
  • MIE320 (Mechanics of Solids II)
  • MIE333 (Engineering Physics)
  • MIE334 (Numerical Methods I)
  • MIE341 (Mechanical Engineering Design)
  • MIE342 (Circuits with Applications to Mechanical Engineering Systems)
  • MIE346 (Analog & Digital Electronics for Mechatronics)
  • MIE397 (Design Portfolio)
Second Year Courses
  • CIV220 (Urban Engineering Ecology)
  • ENV222 (Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment)
  • MIE210 (Thermodynamics)
  • MIE221 (Manufacturing Engineering)
  • MIE222 (Mechanics of Solids I)
  • MIE230 (Engineering Analysis)
  • MIE231 (Probability & Statistics w/ Engineering Applications)
  • MIE258 (Engineering Economics)
  • MIE270 (Materials Science)
  • MIE297 (Foundations of Design Portfolio)
First Year Courses
  • APS106 (Fundamentals of Computer Programming)
  • APS111 (Engineering Strategies & Practice I)
  • APS112 (Engineering Strategies & Practice II)
  • APS150 (Engineering Ethics)
  • CIV100 (Mechanics)
  • ECE110 (Electrical Fundamentals)
  • MAT186 (Calculus I)
  • MAT187 (Calculus II)
  • MAT188 (Linear Algebra)
  • MIE100 (Dynamics)
  • MIE197 (Introduction to Mechanical Engineering)
  • MSE101 (Introduction to Materials Science)

Formula SAE Racing

University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing is a student-run engineering design team that designs, builds and races a new Formula-style race car every year to compete against other universities around the world.

Nathan started with the team in 2014. By his graduation in 2017, he was the Electrical & Braking Systems Lead Engineer. He was responsible for overseeing the full design, manufacturing and testing of the vehicle’s dashboard system, data acquisition & sensory system, electrical harnesses, pedal assembly, brake rotors, brake line assembly, etc.

In 2017, the team’s participation in Formula SAE Michigan saw them place 18th among some of the top international teams in the competition’s autocross event – one of the best results that the team had seen in years.


Prior to 2013, Nathan had trained for and competed in track and field since he was nine years old. At the high-school level, he competed at the provincial championships (OFSAA) in 2008, 2009 & 2011, as well as the Canadian Junior National Championships in 2011. At the university level, he competed for the University of Toronto’s Varsity Blues in the provincial (OUA) and national (CIS) championships in 2012 and 2013. He has also competed for the University of Toronto’s affiliated club team since 2009.


Nathan has been learning and studying music since 2004. He began with the guitar and, to this day, it remains his instrument of choice. He has a respectable knowledge of musical theory and continues to play and study recreationally.