Motor Modeling

Utilizing CAD software to model a standard universal electric motor.

A component of a design course required Nathan and his team to study and dissect various electric motors, which they measured and compared based on their varying output velocities and torque. They then used the data obtained to generate approximate figures for the motors’ power output under a nominal load, as well as their individual power densities.

Using this information as a base reference, they were then required to locate a household item containing an electric motor, write engineering specifications regarding how its power train would operate and generate a rough yet dimensionally accurate CAD model of the motor via Dassault Systemes SolidWorks.

They came to the decision of analyzing the electric motor found in an air mattress pump. Nathan’s task was to model the motor, which was relatively difficult due to the fact that he had to omit the copper wiring wound around the core, as it could not be feasibly modeled using the software at hand.